Water is a little known metabolic accelerator that actually keeps one awake more efficiently and with a greater mental alertness/clarity than any caffeine product. Although the effective volume dosage is greater, there are no adverse effects such as the shakes or the 6 hour delayed adenosine crash. At these stimulating levels, water also begins to burn body fat due to a number of metabolic factors, one being a decrease in overall body temperature. The water should be ice-cold to maximize the effects.

Actually, caffeine is a diuretic and hence pulls the water out of your system. So, in additon to causing the adenosine crash, it causes a hydrological crash as the water in your body is taken away and you are left without the added metabolic and processing benefits of the water itself -- causing you to crash, hard.

For more information on the perils of caffeine consumption, direct yourselves to the cautionary tale: Caffeinated Nasal Spray.

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