Every Sunday night from coast to coast, university students across Canada are tuned into WTN. Why? To watch a woman old enough to be their grandmother speak candidly about sex.

Sue Johansen has been a sex therapist in Canada for several years. She was the lady on the radio that Yick and Arthur called on one of the Degrassi shows.

Every show has the same basic format: people phone in questions, Sue recommends a sex toy from the Pleasure Chest, more questions, Sue recommends a book, and Sue signs off with a nice rhyme about condoms.

I no longer watch the Sunday Night Sex Show, I don't have a TV, and when I did have a TV it conflicted with the Simpsons but here are some highlights:
  • With the aid of diagrams, Sue and several callers try to determine what exactly a choda is
  • Sue shows a caller how to perform fellatio on a wood phallus (it did not enter her mouth)
  • A man who sounds like Elmer Fudd calls to ask how he should tell a girlfriend about the smell around his genitals
  • Sue plays with a penis shaped water gun

Lastly some condom rhymes: