I’m at the halfway point, and today is yet another colossal waste of time. I have taken more calls though, and I have solved some customer issues, but overall... a waste.

Last night I drove out to Camas with my boyfriend so he could pick up the car he decided to buy. He bought a used Audi from some frat boy in a big new house. So, he drove the Audi while I drove his Mercedes back to his house. It was sunny and there wasn’t much traffic, plus my boyfriend’s Mercedes is FUN to drive. So, I listened to the Happy Monday’s and enjoyed the trip.

There was a large car accident near his house. It looked like the airbags had been deployed on one car. We didn’t stop our mini caravan back to his house since a bunch of people had come out of the apartments nearby and were talking rapidly on cordless phones. We saw the fire trucks and police coming once we got further up Powell.

We were going to watch a movie or something, but then I was struck by a sudden headache of near migraine quality. I was a moaning, groaning lump for the rest of the night, and crashed out in his bed at 10. I don’t know if it is a side effect of the medications I’m on now or what. Headaches are a side effect of life I think.

I got up way too early and Alex drove me home so I could get showered and dressed for work. I got to work on time as usual, but a little more surly than most days. That surly feeling has intensified as the day has worn on. One of my best buddies at work, Phil was offered a new job, so his last day is in two weeks. This sucks. Lets hope that either I get one of the jobs I applied for soon, or else I might get stuck having to work with Chris on this stupid Compaq team. Chris is a total idiot.

My mother is having laser eye surgery at 4pm. She wants to have her vision corrected permanently. I have to pick her up once work is over. I’m nervous about her. I’m worried that the laser will make her go blind.

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Muslimgauze – Gun Aramaic

Sticking with the mellow music.