Yay for impromptu noder-gatherings.

I really love the LAWG.

I've had a hard time finding places to fit in here. I've met a handful through the SCA and some through PAN, but after time, each time, most people wander off and i'm left with only one or two survivors. And I usually find out later that most of them weren't my friends ever, they just wanted something from me. It's always clear in hindsight. And even in those groups, I never *really* got along with everybody, or even the majority. I socialized with them because i had no one else to see. That was the only common denominator--we were all lonely.

But these guys, they're great. It feels like the closeness I had with my highschool friends, the same easy flow of conversation and consciousness, where just being together is fun and we don't have to DO anything. Just hanging out is cool and there's no need for more, although more is fun. A thanks to the LAWG folks--you guys have given me a set of friends I feel like I really belong in, something I have NOT had during my time at Purdue, and it's a pretty special feeling. Thank you all.

The evening started with mcc and me not doing dishes because my sink was clogged and backing up water into the apartment of the girl downstairs. So no clean pots, can't cook. Let's go out. How about LBC, the Lafayette Brewing Company, one of our favorites where we haven't been in months. Cool. A message from pmdboi inviting Andrew to go eat dorm-dinner with him, but we drag him with us instead of the other way around.

After a bit of a wait (ok, a lot of one and a side trip to CastleBrooks Spiritual Supply in the meantime), food was had. Excellent food, and it would have been even if we hadn't been famished. Pmdboi had Shephard's Pie, mcc got a burger of some variety, and I had the Chicken Marsalla, all started with a plate of veggies and cheese.

Then back to my apartment to watch Richard III which we'd just bought from Ebay. A message from evadyne masquerading as czarkhan suggests we hang over there, but we insist we outnumber them and win. They show up, then mcc leaves to pick up the previously-AIMed s_alanet and a non-noder friend. (Adrian, we'll get you yet!).

Movie was watched, and unless they're just all too NICE to tell me it really sucked, the crew seemed to enjoy it almost as much as I do. Richard Loncraine/Ian McKellen's version of Richard III truly kicks ass. It's Shakespeare's play reset in a fictional fascist European state, and pulls it off brilliantly. My personal favorite touch is a jazz singer performs Christopher Marlowe's "A passionate shephard to his love as a song. (Doubly cute becuase Shakespeare has been known to quote this piece, and some scholars, like those who argue the veracity of his own works, wonder if Shakespeare acutally wrote this piece.)

Super Mario Sunshine, Cubavore, harassing of Sam-the-Kitty, and far too much ineundo followed the movie, as did chocolate milk. I finally threw them out when I got too tired to sit up all the way.

Evenings don't get much better than this--as they left, I realized it was snowing.