L.B.C is an acronym for London Bible College - a christian teaching college based in Northwood, near London, UK.

London Bible College was founded during WW2, in the centre of London. Their website states their goal as being:

"to offer the British, European and international church the whole range of services needed to train people for 21st century ministry, thus providing the maximum interdisciplinary interaction."

As a teaching college, LBC is formally associated with Brunel University.

LBC refers to Little British Car. This refers to various Austins, Morrises, Triumphs, MGs, Lotuses (Loti?) and the like, mostly models from the 50's right up to the 80's. In their ultimate evolution they were conviertibles, small, quick-handling, and under-powered. Not the ultimate in performance, but perhaps the ultimate in driving experience.

Oddly, global economics have resulted in the passing of the LBC torch to the Mazda Miata.

Original LBCs include:

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