The Nose

A few facts:

There’s a compass in my nose?

  • All humans have a trace amount of iron in their noses, a rudimentary compass found in the ethmoid bone (between the eyes) to help in directional finding relative to the earth’s magnetic field.

  • Studies show that many people have the ability to use these magnetic deposits to orient themselves-even when blindfolded and removed from such external clues as sunlight-to within a few degrees of the North Pole, exactly as a compass does.
  • Though no one knows how this “sixth” sense is processed by the brain more then two dozen animals, including the dolphin, tuna, salmon, salamander, pigeon, and honeybee have been found to have similar magnetic deposits in their brains to help them in navigation and migration.

Noses take breaks

  • Nostrils switch on and off every three to four hours, so that one is always smelling and breathing while the other closes down and rests.

Women Nose

  • Interestingly, a woman can detect the odor of musk- a scent associated with male bodies-better than any other odor.
  • Nose sex?

    • The sex/scent connection is a powerful one. About 25 percent of people with smell disorders-due to head injuries, viral infections, allergies, or aging-lose interest in sex.