Well, I'm here again...

Yesterday night wasn't fun. For the first time in long time, I actually fled #gimp. Crying. Sometimes, life just sucks way too much.

Maybe my friends were right and the darkness is the reason for my depression. In day, I'm happy (more or less). In night, I'm sad of all the uncertainity and loneliness.


Spent considerable amount of time in Usenet telling one user why their web page sucks raw eggs through very thin straw. Well, he asked for an analysis. Maybe this page was the reason why I woke up at night to get headache medication.

Memorable ideas: I said I keep web browser windows sized at 640x600 or so, because that should be enough to contain the web designer's ego. =)

Oh yeah, the user's page crashed Netscape and Mozilla (both) after 45 seconds. You know, they say that when faced with stupidity, even the Almighty is helpless.


Yeah, Mozilla + K5 seem to be a bad combination for those who intend to litter their comments with hyperlinks. That's what Rusty and Inoshiro said in #kuro5hin. Well, Lynx is pretty kewl... (Text-oriented site, after all =)


Just some thoughts (I know, I should enjoy myself, but blah).

I'm feeling... that I'm behind in the Grand World Domination Plan. Always. I don't know what's wrong... I wish I would have born somewhere else where I wouldn't have had any of the army crap or that I would have got a studying place right away after the army or something.

I mean, everyone I know are actually working or getting a work, becoming rich and famous and...

...hell, once I get ahead with my life, I'll end up doing useless stuff somewhere where I certainly never dreamed of being - unless it'd be my nightmare.

Someone, please come out of the shadows and hand me a magic paper that says I'm allowed to do whatever the hell I please.


sirc could be beefed up... split-by-channel log files, color display support (none of that mIRC color crap, though =)...


I hope I'll make some music tomorrow. Sing a little. And so on. Blah. I'm not feeling too joyous.

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