More problems when waking up?

Well, yes.

Well, I woke up at around 9, the clothed myself in boring clothing, booted computer (looks like turning it off makes me sleep a bit better, but not much), booted 31337 k0ff33 m8kr,... and fell asleep. =(

And it's raining and stuff. I don't think I will be leaving the immediate area today...


Interesting... I just found an old printout. It's SCART node - my father needed some information on how to connect some writes. Server time: 09:41 Fri Jul 21 2000. And DMan was online...


I now have Metal Gear Solid for PC. That rocks. It really rocks. I've always wanted a decent version of the The Good Ole Sneaking Game®.

Died about 6 times before I got inside that first building (playing at Normal skill). =)

I've only played the Color Gameboy version of the game - and as you may guess, the game itself is completely different. However, the training missions are exactly the same... as is the starting music, which just simply rocks, too. Too bad it doesn't have that military-machobullshit-drum solo that's played in start of the first GB ver mission... =)


Looks like I wasn't the only one in the digital media group that had problems with Profiler learning environment. One guy said he'll write a "short but crushing review". Well, I did the same thing... =)


OK, I'd now really need that ****ng hug.



There's no way out no way in
To the hallowed halls
The inner ring
You're just a face
In the crowd
You got no place when you're down and out...

- Mike Oldfield: Make Make

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