Spent a weekend in Kuhmo.

Yesterday, in work net was down (changing distributions on a rather tricky place), and in home, I replaced Leafnode with Noffle, played with iptables (okay, so I did it: firewalled myself out from the net, allowed everyone else to access my stuff... Well, it was bound to happen =) and created my first custom chain, got the iptables logging working with that...

...and stuff like that.

More to come, as soon as I wake up properly.


(Oh yeah, I watched Star Wreck episodes 4½ and 5 and the trailer for 6 yesterday. Funniest thing that happened to me this week...)


That's it... spent 5 minutes writing a slashdot comment, Mozilla (0.7) crashed and I wrote a better comment in a minute.

Gee, is my life really boring or what? =(

The positive side: I got paid for the past half month... No need to be Hungry!


Damn, Noffle's article download is FAST! ("sucks" in the positive sense of the word)


Hooray! Printer works! I spent some interesting moments with cdlabelgen, and burned all MP3s I have got from Napster to the CD. (Yes, one CD was enough. Looks like some of the files were corrupt or something. Also, I'm probably too "honest". =)


Woohoo! I found one DVD web shop that had just what I was looking for... I will comment more when (if!) the stuff arrives.

Other day logs o' mine...

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