Yet another Usenet news server software for *NIX.

Noffle, like Leafnode, is aimed at small, slow sites with only a few users.

Noffle supports "online" and "offline" reading. In online mode, it can read news directly from remote server, and in offline mode it serves as a standalone news server. It also supports "overview" mode, in which it only downloads headers and marks "read" messages to be fetched in full later (useful for binary groups). It also has a limited local group support.

It appears to be slightly faster than Leafnode as well when downloading, though I was noticing some slowness when actually reading news. It wasn't particularly easy to install, either, even when it was provided as a Debian package (Unhelpful crashes in case of wrong permissions, cryptic error messages from newsreaders, and so on).

Pointer to Noffle's home page:

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