Here's the Jigglypuff's lullaby as LilyPond file. Forget the above-mentioned ASCII things and obscure numerical formats, let the Open Source enlighten you! (Or should that be "free software"? After all, RMS seems to like Lilypond.)

BTW, I think I know the secret why Jigglypuff's slong is so sleep-inducing... All those key changes, see? If it sounds like it'd be performed while asleep, the feeling shall be mutual.


Jigglypuff's Lullaby
from Pokémon

For GNU Lilypond music typesetter.
Entered By Weyfour WWWWolf, based on the ASCII rendition available on, and it's here only for annoyance purposes. Feel free
to distribute this one further.

I'm not sure about the end, though, I chose the version that sounded
best. Since the idea was to node the *melody*, I left the chords

2001-02-06 Weyfour WWWWolf -- <> <>


\include "";

\header {
  title="Jigglypuff's Lullaby";

    % ::Sigh::... I found n+5 Pokémon FAQs, but *none* of the FAQ-makers
    % had bothered to type out the end credits. The youngsters these
    % days...

  tagline="Copyright \copyright{} Nintendo/Gamefreak";
  enteredby="Weyfour WWWWolf \emph{$<$$>$}";

% ==================================================================

Melody = \notes {

     % Okay, folks, I promise not to sleep.
     \clef "treble"; \time 3/4;

     \key c;
     g'4. [g''8 e'' c''] | d''4. e''8 f''4 |
                           e''4. d''8 e''4 | c''2. |
     g'4. [g''8 e'' c''] | d''4. e''8 f''4 | e''2. |

     % Folks get sleepy and 'puff changes key... *yawn*
     \key a;

     b'4. [b''8 gis'' e''] | fis''4. gis''8 a''4 |
                             gis''4 fis'' gis'' | e''2. |
     b'4. [b''8 gis'' e''] | fis''4. gis''8 a''4 | gis''2. |

     % ZZzzz... oh, back to c for a while...
     \key c;
     g'4. [g''8 e'' c''] | d''2. |

     % Zzzzz....
     \key a;
     b'4. [b''8 gis'' e''] | fis''2. |
     e''4. b''8 gis''4 | d''4. a''8 fis''4 |

     \key c;
     c''4. g''8 e''4 | b'2.

     % (Regrettably MIDI or musical notation doesn't have equivalent of
     % <<<Angry-Puff!!!>>>(tm) and permanent marker sounds.)


            linewidth = 16.0\cm;
        \midi {
            \tempo 4 = 120 ;