And now, here's how Pikachu would sing A Bushel and a Peck, from the Broadway show Guys and Dolls:

Pi ka chu, pi pika pika chu,
Pika pika chu, pika pika pika chu,
Pi pika pika chu, pikapikapikachu,
Pi pi pi pikachu, pikapikapikachu,
Pikachu.... (Pikachuuu...)
Pikachu.  (Pi pika pika!  Pi pika pika pika!)

Pi piii kaaa chuuuu.. pi pika pika pikaaa chuuuu...
pika pika pika, pika pika pika, pika pika pika chu...
Repeat ad nauseam. I think that an all Pokémon version of the show would be incredible, and that this song would be the price of the ticket.

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