How to Power Browse 'Round E2
(and make your browser crash spectacularly)

Hello, and welcome to latest continuement of WWWWolf's 31337 Browser HaX, d00dz and d00d3tt3z!!11!!!11!

I don't have many browser hacks here yet, because some of these are pretty arcane, unorganized and probably don't even work for me! =) More will come later...

URL jump

Since E2 doesn't support external links, the common practice has been to use URLs in text.

This one was inspired by the E2 search script thing... Just make a new bookmark with this as URL:


Now just select the URL text with mouse and click on the bookmark... ta-dah!

Optimoz has this feature built in, and I think it has gone to the regular Mozilla as well - It's not in Firefox, though...

Search keyword

In Mozilla, you can add this bookmark: and give it Keyword "e2" (see bookmark properties to find this field). Now, you can search E2 by typing "e2 nodetitle". (This is cool because you can set up Mozilla to use many, many search engines this way! Just use a different keyword, and use a search URL with %s where you want to put the search keywords.)

More to come - and feel free to add yours below... =)

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