Note: This information covers British Columbia, Canada

Shortly after you get your picture taken by a photo radar van, you'll get a letter with a fine and a picture of your car, and the speed you were doing. This is not a valid ticket. Do NOT pay the fine. You have the right to be personally served your ticket, you do not have any obligation at this point.

Often, they won't bother to send someone out to serve you, but occasionally, they will. For the next few months, if someone that you do not know comes to the door, take a message. They don't know what you look like, and you have no obligation to help them.

The only other hassle you may have is ICBC, or the Motor Vehicle Branch. when you need to renew your insurance, or drivers license. If they give you a problem, indicate that you intend to dispute the ticket when it is served. They cannot refuse to renew your insurance/license at this point.

Congratulations, you've fucked the man.

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