In the dream my Christmas vacation continued. I was travelling with my family to Tampere. When we arrived there, I called to some friend of mine with my cell phone - and said I would be there until Jan 18. I also said I was already having a hell.

(Real world correlation: For this whole vacation, I had been in Kuhmo - and didn't have any time to do anything really interesting there. Some minor lack of privacy, my computer wasn't there, too much background noise...)

But while I was in Tampere, I noticed there was a pinball machine in the second floor/attic where I usually slept. It was a pinball machine with a pirate island theme, my parents said they wanted a Pern-themed game instead but could only get that one.

I talked about the game with them but they said I needed to pay to play it. I inserted a 1 markka coin, and got one playing credit. Then I inserted a 10 mk coin, but the display said I had 10 playing credits, not 11.

I played the game as a two-player game with someone else (can't remember who it was). It was a sort of an adventure game. I remember I was the worse player, but the other player was really good at it. We got to the second "level" at which point the other player got bored (all because he couldn't shoot the ball...). He said I could just power the machine down; the game would continue where we left.