Random dream fragments:

I was playing games on my computer. I don't remember specifically what games, but one was an anime fighting/adventure game... you know, a Pleisteizön game.

I needed to show some of the games to my sister. And she, with the rest of my family, were coming to my home that day. However, under the topmost layer of the padding of my work chair, I had hidden a big (about meter long), fluffy, yellowish plush fox tail. The strange thing was, it could speak. (I can't remember what it said...)

For some reason, I needed to hide the tail. I went to the closet that had my clothes and bedsheets and stuff and emptied a shelf that had my less-read books and video tapes. There was a long air conditioning channel, not large enough to go into, behind the stuff (there's no such channel in RL) that was padded very comfortably. However, there was a large hole in the wall of the channel. I looked through it and saw a large room with lots of books on shelves - my father's work room in Kuhmo. I thought the tail wouldn't be safe there, my father might get it... I looked forward, and saw that the channel ended to a small attic next to my room in Kuhmo.

Having found the place, I started packing most of the stuff I had taken from the shelf to a black plastic bag to carry them there...