(Ultima VII)

The leader of The Fellowship in Ultima VII: The Black Gate and author of "The Book of Fellowship". Slightly roundish man with an aura of authority around him.

The Book of Fellowship, penned by Batlin himself, tells his story and how he formed the Fellowship with Elizabeth and Abraham. Batlin was born in forests near Yew and raised by druids, became a fighter, then bard, and after that he met the twins Elizabeth and Abraham. He studied magic in Moonglow. After discussions the three parted ways to learn more of the world by travelling on their own for 10 years. Batlin went on to do Paladin stuff in Trinsic, tinkering in Minoc, rangering in Spiritwood, pilgrim stuff in Skara Brae and shepherding in New Magincia. After that, he returned to Britain, where he met Elizabeth and Abraham again, where they formed the Fellowship.

Batlin is not unlike most leaders of hyper-happy religions and sects. He can talk and can get people to believe in his cause. An extremely reassuring character, I have to say.

Batlin does bear some resemblance to L. Ron Hubbard, who also founded a religion, and claimed to have done just about everything under the sun. However, unlike Hubbard, Batlin at least admits he has absolutely no singing voice. =)

People who like to do odd things in Ultima games (like finding ways to kill LB and such...) find undoubtedly find Batlin a quite interesting character. Attacking and killing Batlin is quite difficult (unless you cheat and use his own spells against him). But while Batlin is conducting the Fellowship meeting, you can try odd stuff like moving the podium around. Surely makes those happy joyous meetings far more happy and joyous...