Frank the Fox is one of the few animals you can talk to in the Ultima series. Other, more famous animals are Sherry the Mouse and Smith the Horse.

Like other encounters with talking animals in Ultimas, the encounter with Frank cannot be escaped without at least a few grins. Frank can be found from Ultima VII: The Black Gate in the city of Moonglow. He looks like your average aww adorable cute bushy-tailed aww that's so sweet and CUTE fox, except that he has a green collar and bow.

Moonglow is the city of Honesty, so Frank the Fox is there to terrorize chickens, scavenging for food and rubbish, and learn more of honesty. Specifically, as his name suggests, he's learned not to be too courteous. He frankly tells he thinks that the Avatar desperately needs a bath and some dental care (foxes have a well-developed sense of smell), Dupre is a hopeless drunkard, Shamino is a coward and that Iolo charges too much for his crossbows. Of course, while this is a honest approach on surface, I don't think this really is the point of honesty...

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