One of the Avatar's companions, from Ultima VII. Tseramed is a woodsman, a ranger, who lives in a hut in the forests near Yew. He is a masterful archer, and even has one innovation of his own. While wandering around the woods, he found a cave that was the nest of giant bees. From the stingers of these bees, he makes arrows that contain potent sleeping drug. Tseramed knows many interesting stories from the Yew area and also quite a lot of what's going on in Yew and the Empath Abbey. He will also join you on your adventure if you give even slightest hint to that direction.

Like many important people in Ultima series, Tseramed has a RL counterpart - the game programmer Ken Demarest III, who has also worked on U7pt2, Wing Commander, Bioforge (all three for Origin) and NetStorm (Activision). As of 2003, he has been travelling around the USA in a recreational vehicle that has a satellite link. His most recent project was Neverwinter Nights module "Foreboding in Sylvani", which was quite well received by the community.


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