A minor hero in Fairy Tales, normally found near trees or a wood, quite possibly he will frequent the deep, dark Forest itself. As a hero he is always 'good'.

The Woodsman probably makes his living producing timber for various activities. This is 'probable' as the only time the Woodsman appears is in times of need. The Woodsman has an inate skill in, not only, chopping wood (probably), but in chopping Wolves as well. If a Wolf has gobbled up your Grandma, then you will need a Woodsman. If you are quick, it may even be possible for the Woodsman, to chop the Wolf and save the gobbled relative.

However, if you are ever in a Fairy Tale and find yourself with a bit of Wolf trouble, then make sure it is a Woodsman you find and not his evil twin - The Huntsman.

The Woodsman can always be recognised by his sharp, gleaming Axe. His clothing is normally rough and ready, but of good quality and his face burnt by the sun and wind. He may even be blind, but this will, in no way, affect his performance as Woodsman

Woods"man (?), n.; pl. Woodsmen ().

A woodman; especially, one who lives in the forest.


© Webster 1913.

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