Damn it, I made a mistake! Or did I?


Came to E2 with "Ack! You lost experience!" message.

Hmm... someone downvoted my yesterday's daylog so it's at 0 now... well, I'll just avoid giving a small critique jabs at "political" movies from now on. =)

Some node I was about to nuke was gone (boring node anyway), as are some nuke-requested nodes. I guess ny00kz are happening again. I turned myself in in E2 Copyright Violations but looks like none of those disappeared! Weird.

In general, I'm not whining. I'll regain the lost xp/writeup count over time. If people would realize such simple truths, E2 might be a better place. Live for information, not for its value to you. OK, enough philosophical pondering for one writeup... =)

I ordered a CD from Swamp Music (I've used Boxman thus far). Enigma's MCMXC A.D. - who says people don't buy CD's after snarfing mp3z from NaPsTah? =) Especially when the MP3 I have is - horrors - encoded at 96kb/s.

I have money again. I need to pay some bills and get my photos developed... need to get movin', I'll tell more about things later.


Again lost XP??? Is there something less funny going on? Everything gave, Everything took, but forever be praised the name of Everything. =)

I went to have some pizza...

You're having a hard time getting all of it down.--more--


Folks? In case you're reading: I'd consider it polite if you'd bother to /msg me if you downvote me, with a reason - especially if it's not about technicalities (typos etc), rather just a Major Lossage or Misrepresentation. And as usual, it ain't cool to downvote just because you feel like doing so.

If you're just downvoting stuff to get tons of XP, do what I do: Upvote ALL writeups you see that you like. Insta-XP! =)


Got GIMP 1.1.24... Didn't do much with it yet, but it seems that File->Quit didn't work. (Well, GIMP is one of those programs in which quitting is irrelevant. =)

Busy day tomorrow! Don't expect a day log - I'm going to Kuhmo.


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I got that fortune cookie a moment ago... shouldn't that be "...on /dev/video0..." or something? =)

Anyway, it's official: PGP sucks. See Slashdot. PGP vulnerabilities have been detected in form of Possible Backdoors...

I should nuke PGP5 anyway, because it is just a plain ugly piece of software. I can't! NoCeM requires a PGP signature and it has to be made with a RSA key so that old NoCeM-readers understand me. Drats. Mail me with my GnuPG key, but I'll keep signing the stuff with my PGP RSA key.

Other day logs o' mine...

Noded today by y.t.: Swamp Music

Requested to nuke: everyt, faux paus, PikaCHING! (None of those really worthy =)