For all those who are still unconvinced and think that Hackmaster is nothing more than a joke product. There has been a volume of products produced by Kenzer and Company (fictionally in license by Hard 8 Enterprises) proving that Hackmaster is a bona fide RPG. So with this wu I present:

The Hackmaster Product Line:

Core Rule Books:

  • HackMaster Player's Handbook
  • HackMaster GameMaster's Guide
  • Hacklopedia of Beasts (8 Volumes plus Monster Matrix and Field Manual)
  • Hackmaster Supplements:

  • The Spellslinger's Guide to World Domination
  • Zealot's Guide to Wurld Conversion
  • The Combatant's Guide to Slaughtering Foes
  • Hacklopedia Magica (? Volumes)
  • Gawds & Demigawds
  • Hackmaster Game Aids:

  • HackMaster GameMaster Shield
  • GameMaster Campaign Record Book
  • GameMaster Coupon Book
  • Player Character Mat
  • Official HackMaster Miniatures (Tactical Combat Miniatures)
  • Character Record Book
  • Hackmaster Adventures:

  • Little Keep on the Borderlands
  • Quest for the Unknown
  • Smackdown the Slavers
  • Annihilate the Giants
  • RobinLoft
  • Slaughterhouse Indigo
  • Descent into the Netherdeep
  • Sir Robilar's City of Brass
  • Tomb of Unspeakable Horrors
  • And there is even more in the pipeline, to be added upon publication.