Garweeze Wurld is the base game world that the HackMaster role-playing game is set in- the equivalent of D&D 3rd Edition's Oerth, as a world loosely described with various kingdoms, organizations, and deities, but generally left out for the gamemaster to flesh out completely.

A number of the factions of Garweeze Wurld have been described through the misadventures of the Knights of the Dinner Table- notable realms include the Southern Orc League and Fangaerie, with such personae as Lord Gilead and the mysterious Circle of Sequestered Magicks secretly running the wurld behind the scenes.

All sanctioned HackMaster tournament games are run in the Garweeze Wurld universe for standardization purposes, much like all baseball fields have the same-sized diamond. If you're not playing in a sanctioned game, this shouldn't really matter; persons belonging to the HMPA or the HMGMA in a sanctioned game not set in one of the variants of Garweeze Wurld, though, may want to look into at least familiarizing themselves with some of the basic things.

Much like the universe of Amber, there are an almost infinite variants of Garweeze Wurld- the "true" Garweeze Wurld (aka Garweeze Wurld Prime) has been "reserved" for staff members of Kenzerco when it's time to test the product as opposed to producing the delicious, delicious product. However, all wurlds are equal in the sense that loot seized/sacked/stolen from one will generally function in the other...

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