Rolemaster is an excellent system for character generation, magic, and combat. Uses percentile dice for everything.

It originally started life as an addition to D&D that speciallized in character generation, magic, and combat. The system is quite complex, but has a great deal of logic and design underlying it. It was quickly realized that the Rolemaster system was greatly superior to D&D, so a full role playing game was grafted onto it.

Also known as Chartmaster due to the heavy reliance on charts for character generation, magic, and combat. Every weapon, magic spell, and some skills have a chart associated with them. Combat charts have a column for each armor class. IIRC, armor class went from 1 - 20, so each weapon chart had 20 columns on it. Same for most spells.

The name ICE lead to a few jokes.

Iron Crown Enterprises went bankrupt in April of this year. Their RoleMaster system spawned GemStone II, which was later forced to give up their license to use ICE's names, turning the game into GemStone III.

The ChartMaster nickname is definitely appropriate, everything from weapon type to spells and armor had at least a 20 row table.

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