January 4th, 2001

And so, what happened today? Well, not too much of interest I suppose. I woke up in my slimy, nasty, icky, yucky and otherwise disgusting bed, sat up and thought "Gee, did I really drink that much last night?" as my head spins around several million times. I finally attempt to stand up and tip an ashtray in my room over, spilling the repungent ashes everywhere. (Note: I don't smoke... my roommates do. What a nice guy I am ) So, I stumble into my kitchen and break a very cool glass I've always loved to drink of. Since I'm barley alive, I leave most of the glass shards lying about, crying out to be stepped on, and grab a "not-as-cool" glass. I then fill it up with some stagnent tap water and take my twacky ass back to my room where I fall asleep again.
After several fitful dreams of having sex with people I once adored, I wake up, again, my head spinning needlessly and wander into the bathroom. I then jump (no, not GET it, but actually jump ) into my shower and think about how wonderful my boyfriend is considering that I haven't spent one night with him in two weeks and he lives in the same city with me. Then, I consider all the drunken voicemail messages I left for him last night and cringe. With a mental note, I make sure that when I get into work, I will call him and apologize. But... I'm still angry.
I get out of the shower and use the most irritating purple towel in the world to dry off. I then sit at my computer and chat with various people who confuse me more than I confuse myself in my own like CYBERWORLD . What a thrill.
I crawl my way outside to my car in the maze of nasty ice and snow that I live in, which some call Michigan, cursing again my luck and stupidity to continuing to live somewhere that I feel actual pain from the temperature outside. My crimson Bronco II takes 3 attempts to start, which it does reluctantly and very unhappily. Apologizing to Joe (my car) profously, I drive through the horrid streets, avoiding certain death to a job I absolutly abhore.
I arrive at my cubicle and sit quietly down, enjoying the conversation around me between my co-workers. They are the only reason my job is half-way decent, you see? Its a wreck. Regardless, I am pinned with large amounts of projects today and told I have to work an hour later than I actually am suppose to because my roommate is sick and cannot come in. (insert blank stare here) Well, after SAVING THE WORLD , I can finally relax, but I remember that I did call my boyfriend and apologized to him for my stupidity last night... four... five hours pass and he does not call me back! He does not call me back!!
And so, when I am done typing this wonderful insert, I shall call him in an attempt to find out what happened. Wish me luck, right? Of course, it could be worse...