And the days fly by… Watch them go, flipping through the air, turning little tricks for the crowd…

My sleep pattern has been totally messed up. This is not conductive to becoming gainfully employed, and resuming my takeover of Toronto’s elite dotcom nightlife. I must remain awake all night tonight, and all day tomorrow, in order to ensure that I sleep the proper hours again. Otherwise, I think all my job hunting skills will be quite ineffectual.

I’m getting vaguely discouraged, though. I find myself lacking proper skill sets for this industry. Most of the available positions I’ve seen have required a great deal more programming knowledge than I have, as well as server-side stuff, and more three-letter-acronym languages that I don’t know, and think I would be hard-pressed to learn.

It seems everyone is looking for a web programmer with some vague grasp of design, not an actual designer.

If things don’t start looking brighter soon, I dunno what to do, though. I mean, it’s been almost a week since I got here, and there’s been nothing yet. The fellow with the job that lured me here has been incommunicado, and no-one else seems responsive to me as a potential employee.

Jessica’s birthday is in about a week, and she’s in Ottawa, alone. If things still suck by then, I’ll go back to Ottawa, at least for a little while. I miss her, and I need to spend time with her… I worry that she thinks I’m trying to take off without her, that she thinks I’ll just never come back

The Ottawa-Toronto LD stuff is just an added stress that neither of us need in the least.