This is a test, a sentence for the sake of a sentence, just to see what will come out. Will more come from my fingers on my keyboard? I'm not thinking of anything in particular; I just can't think of anything interesting to write. Except maybe I could talk about the fire truck that whizzed down 10th street as I was walking to Sunnyside station. It was going to an accident, nothing major, just some bumper kissing, but the was a cop car there, and ambulance, and the aforementioned fire truck, and another which was hot on the heels of the first down 10th street. I walked by the accident, around Safeway, instead of going directly to the train station, and I missed the c-train as a result. Doh. But that was ok, because I just sat for a bit and read a bit of Johnny and the bomb, by Terry Pratchett, a children's book yes, but I spent all morning banging code and half the afternoon doing vector calculus, so it was nice to read something relaxing, that didn't require a lot of thinking. I got that book from the Wee Book Inn in Kensinton, which is across the street and down a bit from my favorite coffee shop, Higher Ground. That's where I sat doing vector calculus; I took the afternoon off to do so. My life is so much fun. Actually, really understanding the math helps you understand the beauty of the universe. Once you understand it, it's really cool. You start to see things in different ways when you understand them, more in detail, more depth, more the beauty of the thing. Poets might complain that science and engineer types don't get the beauty of the universe, that you have to be some depressed, angst filled artist to experience the beauty of the world. But I can see so much more beauty for having done some math and science, it's like a sort of drug that takes more effort, but which is worth more in the end. At least to me.

Wow. I think I came up with enough ideas in that test for three nodes! That's stream of consciousness for you.

It's not like I don't have my fair share of depression or angst either, and I'm not about to go Goth to express it, but sometimes when I solve a problem or I am able to see a surface in my head, it just makes it all go away for a bit.

I need to do stream of consciousness more often! What an uplifting euphoria I'm feeling!