I am developing the worst f*#@ing crush on my acting professor. It's silly, I know. I tell myself why this is a bad idea:

Much as I tell myself these things over and over, I can't help but let my mind wander over this, my newest obsession. Oh fun. Like a fool, I try to find reasons to talk to him after class--questions about acting techniques; "how do people get their plays put on these days?" (I'm an amateur playwrite--no joke); "Oh, I saw an interesting production of Sam Shepard's Buried Child this week." It's really pathetic. The odd thing is, I'm actually earnest in what I say--I do have a very sincere interest in theatre, but at the same time, it forms a convenient way to get his attention. I'm even going to secretly go to a play he's in two weeks from now.

Ah, those school-girl crushes... They suck.