It's very hard for me to understand why men think that they are the only ones confused, befuddled and wary in the mating/dating game. Women are only human, you know: they hate rejection, they're afraid of making fools of themselves, they don't know if a guy is single or not just by looking at him (especially since fewer men wear their wedding rings than women), they're not mind readers regarding whether the guy fancies them or not.

On top of all that, women are held back by millenia of social stigma and repression which casts them in the passive role - stupid and outdated this may be, but it is just as true as the fact that rejection, even though it's just rejection and not the end of the world as we know it, hurts. It's natural. Not to mention the fact that many women even in this day and age have been actively indoctrinated by their parents or religious guardians into the passive roles.

The only area in which men really are at a material disadvantage is the whole sexual harrassment hysteria foolishness. I can only sympathise with American guys - it's not so bad in most other parts of the world. As for why it's rude to open a door for a woman, follow the link for my theory.