I woke up in the early hours of the morning, too restless from a night of dreams to go back to sleep. My husband was lying next to me, huge green pools of love blinking slowly on the pillow.

I woke up in the pre-dawn gloom, head heavy and eyes bleary from lack of sleep. It was clearly not light enough to be getting up. I had to get more sleep.

I woke up and was late for college. I fell out of bed and ran to the wardrobe to retrieve my bag and motorbike helmet. I found three. Another one was under the bed and two more, one with a visor dangling like a broken nail, in my backpack. Another one was in my handbag. Seven in all. I realised I had been taking on new helmets with every bike I'd been hiring and never giving them back.

When I finally did wake up this morning, I couldn't fucking believe it.