This is my first day log, and ive chosen a pretty intimate subject to display to the world, but oh well, here goes:
I recieved an email from a girl who i was going out with about 3 times a week at the beggining of the summer, but now im getting an email every two weeks. I find myself wondering how i got from there to here. As you may guess, it was decided that the relationship should go to just being friends, i have a chronic case of Just Friends Syndrome. We were both packing alot of baggage from our last relationships which both ended relatively near the beggining of ours. It was determined initially that this was going to be a casual thing, trying not to et too attached, however there was alot of chemistry between us and things quickly got out of hands. Then one day I think she must have reallized the mistake we had made, and reallized this wasnt going to be a casual thing after all if she didnt do something. So she did. I try to learn things from past relationships, granted my quantity of relationships is pretty low, this was my second half decent relationship, my first being a three year deal from the age of 15-18. I think looking back on it, the things i learned was whenever things are decided in a calm level headed mood, they should probably be stuck with over what you decide is best in a passionate situation. I also learned that what another friend has been telling me for a while is probably true; i have a tendancy to be a doormat. Not an attractive trait in a guy. Two decent lessons is enough for one 2 month relationship I suppose, im still sorting though the lessons learned from the 3 year one :)