I used to could write.

Seriously. I mean I was no Bill Shakespeare, in fact english is by far my worst subject in school, but that doesnt mean I was bad at it. It took some trying, but with a little effort and motivation (by motivation I mean the paper being due in fewer than 12 hours) I could sit down and write an intelligent, coherent paper that wouldn't blow your hair back, but it would get me an A or B so I was happy.

Then about a week ago, I stumbled onto this little community. I was immediately attracted to the wit and intelligence displayed in the first nodes I read. After reading more and reallizing this site was written by users I was excited to possibly contribute my knowledge. Then I remembered writing really isn't a passion of mine, in fact when I'm forced to do it I can down right loath it. So I spent a couple more days as strictly a reader. Finnally I came around and decided that I would enjoy writing a few nodes.

Here is where my problems started. When I sat down to write a node I wrote bumbling thoughts and sounded like an idiot. The things I wrote were horrible, and recieved the downvoting they deserved. I don't know if it was the pressure of my audience being so large, or trying to stick to guidelines I had read in the FAQ or what.

Today I tried to write a couple nodes about my school. They were borderline incoherent and I was completely embarassed for myself and my school for representing them with this crap. I recieved some critisism and have tinkered enough with them to where I don't feel quite as horrible about them, but I still know I'm not writing to my potential.

I have to go back to school next week and I sure hope I can get over this writing slump I'm in before my first big paper or I could be in trouble. Hopefully not only will i get out of my slump, but this practice and experience will make me a better than ever.