The top news headlines from online newspapers around the world for Monday, June 4, 2001. Know another online paper we should be using? Let me know.


  • Clashes erupt in grief-stricken Nepal
    Unrest breaks out in Kathmandu within hours of the crowning of King Gyanendra after the unexplained killing of most of the royal family.
  • Oil hits four-month high
    The price of a barrel of oil is at a four-month high as Iraq stops exports in protest against British and US "smart" sanctions.
  • Mid-East truce under pressure
    A small bomb reportedly explodes at a Jewish settlement in the West Bank, putting further pressure on a shaky Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire.
  • Archer's secretary gives evidence
    A key witness in Lord Archer's perjury trial, his former secretary, starts giving evidence at the Old Bailey.

International Hearld Tribune (

  • Bizarre Massacre at Palace Stuns Nepal
    The bizarre massacre of most of Nepal's royal family has been followed by the bizarre ascension to the throne of Crown Prince Dipendra, a love-struck young man who, by most accounts, murdered his parents and six other relatives during a family meal.
  • Israelis Skeptical of Arafat's Truce
    Even as a jittery cease-fire took hold Sunday in the Middle East, Israelis and Palestinians dismissed each other's readiness for a genuine break in hostilities and readied themselves for further fighting.
  • Europeans Help Turn Up Heat on Cartels
    Taking the lead from the United States, governments in Europe and Asia also are beginning to take price-fixing more seriously.
  • Blair's Artful Dodge Keeps the Euro Out of British Campaign
    However unappetizing abandoning the pound for the European Union's common currency may be to a majority of the British, the Labour Party and Prime Minister Tony Blair have maneuvered so artfully - or so cravenly, according to some - in promising a referendum when the time is right that the euro has been sidestepped as an issue of real debate during the three weeks of campaigning.
  • On U.S. Playing Fields, Parents Escalate the Violence
    There is an epidemic of parental rage sweeping through American youth sports. Coaches are being threatened, referees assaulted and kids hurt more than ever by the parents of some of the estimated 30 million young players in organized sports.

New York Times (

  • Rumsfeld is Sharply Limiting Military Contacts with China
    Prompting concern among the United States military, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld has sharply cut off the Pentagon's contacts with the Chinese military.
  • Peruvian Son of the Poor Is Elected Over Ex-President
    After a campaign that left Peruvians deeply disillusioned, Alejandro Toledo won the presidency over onetime president Alan García.
  • Arafat Instructs His Forces to Bar Attacks on Israel
    Yasir Arafat followed up his appeal for a cease-fire by ordering Palestinian security chiefs to prevent all attacks on Israeli targets from Palestinian-ruled territory.

Panapress (African) (

  • Madikizela-Mandela recovering in clinic
    Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, the controversial ex-wife of Nelson Mandela, was in a stable condition Monday after being admitted to a Johannesburg clinic at the weekend.
  • Benin's Afrik'Uny performs in Libreville, Gabon
    Benin's music group Afrik'Uny is in Libreville, Gabon taking part in the festival of cultures that rolled off at the weekend, sources close to the band said.
  • Racing Casablanca drops to second division in Morocco
    Racing Casablanca (RAC) were at the weekend relegated to the second division following a 1-1 draw with Hassania Agadir on the penultimate day of the Moroccan premier league championship.
  • South African opposition leader on week-long UK tour
    Tony Leon, the leader of South Africa's official opposition Democratic Alliance is off to the United Kingdom for a weeklong visit.

China Daily (

  • Riots rocking Nepal after Gyanendra crowned king
    Rioting broke out in Nepal's capital on Monday just hours after a new king was crowned following the massacre of almost the entire royal family.
  • White House, Congress battle over China's trade status
    The United States is on the verge of yet another high-stakes standoff involving China. But this time, the Bush administration and China are on the same side. At issue now is not the fate of a downed aircraft, but more than US$100 billion a year in commerce.
  • Chen Shui-bian's trip overshadowed by home plight
    Taiwan leader Chen Shui-bian's recent diplomatic advances have been overshadowed by persistent domestic woes --- especially on the economic front --- which have eroded people's faith in him, observers say.
  • AOL to set up US$200 million joint venture in China
    America Online Inc will unveil a US$200 million joint venture in China with top Chinese computer maker Legend Holdings next week, the Asian Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

The Moscow Times (

  • Vodka Plants Forced To Close
    Alcohol producers warned of looming protests after a new law aimed at cracking down on bootleg liquor.
  • Private Capital Flows To Double, Says IIF
    New reports forecast that Russia is in line for about $2 billion in private capital flow this year.