It was a Bank Holiday yesterday. Bank Holidays are normally good fun, especially in the summer. You can fly a kite, or go for a walk. Anything that's not the usual routine. Sadly, yesterday - when most of the country migrated south to the beaches, I was stuck indoors working on my University project. The Title, for now, is The application of formal methods to software interface verification and it's dull. However, in just 2 weeks it will be handed in, and I can relax a bit.

While not working on that project, I also have a job, doing software testing for a big IT company. Today we were delivered many copies of the product - boxed and shrink-wrapped. Boody excellent. It's great to see the thing you've worked so hard for actually exist, in a physical form that you can touch, bend or even install. It made me happy.

Lunch today was:

  1. Jacket potato with cheese, beans and two sausages.
  2. Can of Dr Pepper.
  3. Mars Bar
Now then, back to work...