I got a call from my EX today, well yesterday technically...
Nonetheless, she called, and I knew when I discovered it was her, that she wanted something. Ya know how even when the wolf isn't looking at you, you can that it's thinking about how tasty you are? That's the feeling I was getting.

Steph : Hi Tex, how are you?
Tex : (disappointed that the girl on the other end is an EX) OK I suppose, how are you?
Steph : Doin' good.
Tex : How can I help you?
Steph : Just calling to check on you, see how you are doing.
Tex : Well I'm doing pretty good I suppose.
Steph : Well I gotta question for you.
Tex : (not surprised) OK shoot...
Steph : I had my brother fix my computer, you were right he had to format, I lost everything...
Tex : (small satisfaction is still satisfaction) That's ashame... (yeah fuckin right)
Steph : Well now my modem/soundcard won't work, apparently it's one thing in my computer. Can you fix it for me?
Tex : (lying very well)Nope, I don't know how to fix that, that usually means that your processor is on it's last leg.
Steph : Dammit, and I just got it fixed, oh yeah I also want back that bottle of Amaretto you have.
Tex : Yeah whatever...
Steph : Ok well I'll call and let you know how it turns out.
Tex : (hanging up phone shortly after) Don't bother.

Now maybe I should not let this bother me, but that pisses me off. She had the nerve to call and ask for something again. I can tell this is not the end of this....