I'm making considerable progress on Mordecai (my linux box) short of one thing, it's not able to access my CDROM for some reason. I did get it to recognize the fact that there is a modem now connected to it. And last night, I got the sound to work, except the midi's, I'll work on that more as it comes time. Little advances like this, are just enough to keep me interested in keeping it going, it would be much easier to say the hell with it, put windows on and play Unreal Tournament on it. I won't be doing that though, this is too good a learning experience for me.
I do have anm who's linux skills are somewhat more advanced than mine, he's been very helpful when I needed some immediate info.

Today I register for the CCNA certification being offered at the local Junior College. The cost is minimal, and when all four classes are complete I will take the CCNA test. I'm really hoping that my job will reimburse me for the school once I have the cert.