compiled overview of the 30 ton Hammer 'Mech, from various BattleTech novels and game sourcebooks:

The leaders and high military commanders of the Free Worlds League have been awaiting the day when the Inner Sphere powers would shift their focus from their mutual Clan enemy to fighting amongst themselves once more. Seeking to be prepared for that day, the Free Worlds League military commissioned Free Worlds Defense Industries to design and produce a BattleMech that could effectively counter the Federated Commonwealth's Valkyrie design.

The Hammer boasts twin Coventry LRM-5s, each with Artemis IV fire control systems for better accuracy. Each LRM launcher is equipped with enough ammunition to launch 24 salvos in combat. Three tried-and-true Martell Medium Lasers complement the LRMs.

The Hammer's top speed of 81 kph matches the top running speed of the Valkyrie. Because the 'Mech was specifically designed to counter the Valkyrie, this was a necessity. The only argument for a lower speed was quickly eliminated when the engineers tested jump jets and found that the stress on the BattleMech's frame was beyond acceptable parameters. Because of that testing, however, the engineers decided to use endo steel. The savings of weight from the infrastructure allowed the placement of more armor over the volatile surfaces on the 'Mech's torso.

The communications system is also a well-tested one: the Datacom 50, in use throughout the Inner Sphere, especially in the Free Worlds League.

The Hammer has proven effective at providing long-range cover fire to companies of lighter 'Mechs who routinely have no substantial missile cover. The Hammer, while not an Archer (commonly used for fire support), can still force an opponent into a disadvantageous position.

The Hammer has been paired with another new design, appropriately known as the Anvil, and together they are being tested in combat simulations on Gibson.

In recent history the Duchy of Andurien has suffered from rebellious officials, pirate raids, and invasions by neighboring forces. Once the Free Worlds League government began to assert its control over the Duchy of Andurien more effectively, the decision was made to fieled test the new 'Mech designs in this arena. All units at the edge of FWL space have been assigned some of the new Hammers.

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