The symbol of the now defunct USSR. The hammer represented industry, while the sickle stood for agriculture. Crossing the two suposedly represent the unity between workers everwhere that would exist in a perfect communist state. Of course, all the neive ideas about "Workers of the world UNITE!" have long since vanished, and the once shiny hammer and sickle have come to represent communist tolitalian states that were created "for the benefit of the workers". Sigh. "Ignorance is bliss,and wisdom is depressing"

                                        / `.
                                    VP""   `""M'
                                     `V.    d"
                                      d  aa (.
                                      b/" `"d)

                               aaaadb.                    MMMMMMb
                          ,MMMMMMMMMMMb.                  (MMMMMM.
                        ,dMMMMMMMMMMMMMM'                  MMMMMMb
                      ,dMMMMMMMMMMMMMM"                    VMMMMMM
                    ,dMMMMMMMMMMMMMMP  ,'                  (MMMMMM)
                   dMMMMMMMMMMMMMMP'  *------ hammer       (MMMMMMb
                 aMMMMMMMMMMMMMMP'     `.                  (MMMMMMM
               aMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMb.                          (MMMMMMM
             aMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMb.                  `.    dMMMMMMM
           aMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMba     sickle ------*   MMMMMMMM
           `VMMMMMMMMMMP'   "MMMMMMMMMMMa                ,MMMMMMMMP
             `VMMMMMMP'       `VMMMMMMMMMMb.             dMMMMMMMM)
               `VMMP'           `VMMMMMMMMMMb.          dMMMMMMMMM'
                 `"                "MMMMMMMMMMba      ,dMMMMMMMMMP
                                     `VMMMMMMMMMMa   aMMMMMMMMMMM'
                  ,dMMMbaa                "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMP
             ,aMMdMMM)`MMMMMMbaaa.          MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM'
       ,aMMMMMM""""'                """"""""""""     "VMMMMMMMMMb.
     adMMMMMMM'                                        `VMMMMMMMMMb.
   aMMMMMMMMP'                                           `"MMMMMMMMMMa
 ,MMMMMMMMMP                                                "MMMMMMMMMMa
(MMMMMMMMM'                                                   `VMMMMMMP'
MMMMMMMM"                                                       `"MMMP
`VMMM""                                                            "'

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