The weight throw is an athletics event, directly related to the hammer. The weight throw is mainly contested during indoor track meets. There are no official world records for the weight throw, since it is not contested worldwide.

Women throw the 20 pound weight, high school boys throw the 25 pound weight, and open men throw the 35 pound weight. The event is contested out of a 7 foot circle. Two major differences between the hammer and the weight are that the weight is much shorter, being about a foot and a half long. Also, the handle for the weight is a large equilateral triangle.

The main difference between the weight throw and the hammer throw is that (generally) less winds and turns are done in the weight throw. Most weight throwers utilize 1 wind and 2 or 3 turns, but in the hammer throw generally you see 2 winds and 3 or 4 turns.

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