Press Release :
Friday, August 10, 2001
''Jordan Weisman, the original creator of BattleTech, has assembled an all-star team of writers and game developers (including authors Michael A. Stackpole and Loren L. Coleman, as well as game designer Randall N. Bills) to help him re-launch BattleTech for a new generation of players.

Evolved into a new experience while maintaining its unique setting and technologies, BattleTech is set to storm the market in the summer of 2002.

The new BattleTech will be a collectible, expandable miniatures game. Every plastic 'Mech, vehicle, infantry unit, and other figure comes fully assembled and painted. Like a card in a collectible card game (CCG), each model in BattleTech has a unique set of statistics and abilities that make it valuable in battle, so collecting and designing armies is a lot like building decks for a CCG. Unlike a CCG or any other miniatures game, these abilities and statistics change during combat, thus offering a greater depth of play and strategy but a simpler and faster system than other games.''

Fuck WizKids LLC, fuck their followers, and prison fuck all this ''a new generation of players'' tripe.
I WAS the new generation once, and I played the same game the old generation played! THAT is what makes a hobby! It bonds people. It gets fresh blood. The new players strengthen the game and it lives on. ANYONE WITH A SOUL doesn't toss out 15 years of carefully crafted evolution to create the next collectable craze.

Do you hear me Jordan Weisman...? you fucking tool... I don't give a rat's ass what part you had in BattleTech's birth; it wasn't yours anymore. It belonged to the fans. And if you had any honor you would have gladly accepted that it is now your duty to protect the game's good name from commercial bullshit.

And you still could have started a revolution to roll around in! You could have made plenty of money by increasing support for BattleTech. You could have produced pre-painted plastic minis to make it easier to start armies. You could have re-created and re-instated the "lost 'mechs". You even could have used your clicky-bases to revive BattleForce. Remember BattleForce? Clicky-bases would be perfectly acceptable for large scale combat like that! THAT could have been your cool new thing to lure ''a new generation of players'' into the market. You could have made your money, you shortsighted whore. You could have made your money!

...but your after that Pokémon, gotta catch 'em all, 3-year quickie income.
You want the money that old folks give to the grandkids cuz they won't visit without a bribe. You want to start a trend that those bored 11year-olds will eat up! ...until it isn't cool anymore. Cuz now even their baby brother has a BattleTech backpack. How uncool is Pokémon when your mom changes diapers on a Pikachu blankie?

You could have been a Warden. Coulda joined the StarLeague.
You sold out to the Crusaders.
But you don't even play BattleTech anymore, do you Jordan?