Nicholas Kerensky (2764-2834) was the Founder of The Clans and was the first ilKhan in Battletech universe. The Clan warriors, naturally, keep him in high regard.

Nicholas' father, Aleksandr, took much of what remained of the SLDF after the Star League was dissolved in early 2780's, and left the Inner Sphere in 2784, arriving to the Pentagon Worlds. He died in 2801.

Nicholas Kerensky shared his father's vision of returning when the time was ripe to rescue the Inner Sphere from barbarism; To make his own forces happy, he founded the Clans - as the Clans would be more equal among themselves. Later, however, it turned out the Clans were in some things against Aleksandr's ideals.

Nicholas died in October 2, 2834, during the Trial of Refusal that followed Clan Widowmaker absorption. Widowmaker Khan Jorgensson accidentally brutally blew up one Atlas' head, and that 'Mech just happened to be piloted by Kerensky himself. Clan Wolf, that was Kerensky's "own" clan and pitted against Widowmakers in this trial, subsequently virtually Annihilated the remnants of Widowmaker forces.

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