Some of you are having a hard time distinguishing between what you should do and what you have to do. Understandingly, some of you are confusing the law with what's right1. More puzzlingly, some of you are failing to distinguish between theft and being a music fan. The last one is not hard.

When little Jimmy borrows little Johnny's fire truck and breaks it, that's petty theft. When Footprints posts the lyrics to Ars Moriendi, that's being a fan of Mr. Bungle. This writeup takes precisely nothing of value from Mike Patton, and does not reduce the demand for this fine rock song. Quite the reverse, it enhances my enjoyment of it, to be able to read those difficult lyrics so well explicated while I play my Mr Bungle CD. I'm going to buy a second Mr. Bungle CD, partly because of Footprints' recommendation and how I have come to appreciate this music.

I shall be sad to see the lyrics go2. E2 is a damn good lyrics site, mostly because of the explications and links. Lyrics on E2 are not theft and they are not STOLEN in hysterical capital letters. Removing lyrics is neither morally right, nor good, nor will it improve the quality of the nodegel.

It is however necessary to remove the lyrics. E2 lives in a world of corporations, lawyers and corporate lawyers. I sincerely hope that the "free" world changes its intellectual property trends, but this is neither the time nor the place to make a futile stand.

Peace, and more with the absurd daylogs!.

1) Of course "right" is not absolute, it has some lattitude of relativity. However it is a common mistake to assume that it is always exactly equal to the law. Laws can and have in some cases been bought and paid for by companies with thier own best interests at heart. Let's not even begin to think of places and times when the law is just plain morally wrong.

2) Ars Moriendi can apparently stay because it is less than 75 words long. But only if the writeup is padded so that the original content makes up 2/3 of the writeup. Of course.