I was living in a new flat (I may well be moving out of my current one within a few weeks). I lived with two random women of my imagination (one was for some reason very vocally Christian), and all my current flatmates.
While the nonexistents lived upstairs, I was sharing a small lounge with my actual flatmates as a bedroom – single beds took up the entire floor. I passed in and out of sleep until I was sitting on my bed awake while everyone else slept. One flatmate sang random snatches of song in his sleep and I would sometimes join in. I amused myself by twirling toy pistols (I think some kind of six-shooters) on my fingers.

Then I’m at a school (the room doesn’t look familiar, but thinking about it has aspects of other classrooms I’ve been in) with another flatmate and his girlfriend.
There was a (I assume famous from his manner) photographer showing some kind of exhibit. The only people present were students (and this school seemed to range from Years 1 to 13), teachers and his assistants.
Everyone was very serious.
The photos were of the students, including my friend and his girlfriend (even though I went to the same school as this friend and his lady love was elsewhere and unmet at that point) but not me.
Some of the photos were of students with silver/blue dyed hair, others dressed badly as Egyptian royalty (my companions fell into the latter category).
Something struck me as being overwhelmingly absurd and I couldn’t stop myself from laughing.
Assistants were roaming the crowd and paying those who took part. My friend declined.

What really got me happened when I woke up.

I was half asleep (my watch alarm had seen to that earlier) and lying face down contemplating the fact that I could breathe in this position without any difficulty. I was roused to further wakefulness by a trembling at my legs, followed by pressure. This pressure began to progress up my body until it came to a rest on my back.
The way this pressure began to position itself reminded me of a cat – granted a cat roughly equal in weight to a small child, but a cat nonetheless.
All through this I was very aware, though my body felt strangely leaden (a sensation I’ve experienced before when half awake) and I found either I could not move or I simply could not muster the will to do so.
Odd as this was I wasn’t afraid in anyway, or felt like I was in any danger.

Cue anxiety as I remember an old painting: An Incubus (portrayed as a nasty looking little gargoyle) sits on the stomach of a sleeping woman and crushes out her breath, a nightmare (portrayed by a, uh horse) grins as it peeks from behind a curtain.
I made a supreme effort and shifted my head to the side.
The brightness of the room shocked me (explainable perhaps by the fact that I was face down in a pillow), the feeling of pressure along with the feeling that my body was made of something far denser left instantly, I could move freely.

An inspection of the room showed that all doors/windows were closed (the window opening to a sheer drop that I’ve found cannot be scaled, the door cannot be opened or closed without making a great deal of noise) and nothing was hiding in any corners – there are no pets in the building.

And no, I haven’t come into contact with anything even slightly mind-altering for weeks.

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