I always like writing day logs a day behind. Why? Because I'm lazy, that, and I was using mozilla last night, which apparently didn't have textarea's working quite right that day. As far as days go, however, nothing special. Just another typical sunday, meaning laundry and finishing what work is required for the coming week. Also, because it was laundry day, meaning I spent close to half the day without pants, I didn't go outof the house that day either. (Well, I wandered out on to the deck, not never actually ventured farther than the driveway. (and I had pants then)).

Well, I guess I could provide your brand new and handcrafted e2 d.net team update. 2nd ever!
Current Rank: 5,361
Total blocks to search: 68,719,476,736
Total blocks checked: 105,331
Days working: 262
Overall Rate: 1,249.05 kkeys/second
Everything2.com completed 1,122 blocks yesterday at a sustained rate of 3,486 Kkeys/second!
Everything2.com is ranked #2,302 for yesterday!
The odds are 1 in 34,928 that this team will find the key before anyone else does.

Team Breakdown
Rank   User                         # Blocks Today   % of total
1      Tyrian                         338             	 30.12        
2      Soberty                        279             	 24.87         
3      mrmcd@erols.com  	      238	     	 21.21
4      Knarphie			      140		 12.48
5      jjanego@umich.edu	      68		 6.06
6      Ryan Koppenhaver		      44		 3.92
7      nine9@ukshells.co.uk	      15                 1.34
Have fun!