I have no idea where I am, or where I am going, but I am running.  The camera is shaking, not focusing, keeping the focus in the peripheral.  The sounds of gunshots, shouting, dying and crushing bone echo in my skull.  Then a man, obese, laying on his back.

Everything stops.  He is sobbing, knees are destroyed, shot out with two, carefully placed bullet holes, blood everywhere.

I look at him, stuck in a hole of his own inability, my anti-image so clear.  I don't know if he's on my side; standing, I look, still. 

Between his sobs, he begs, "Please, kill me".

I feel nothing.  Not even empty.  Just nothing.  And I shoot him.  Right in the face

Blood everywhere.

With my left hand, I put the gun to my own head, and pull the trigger.




Then Nothing.  The absence of everything; the true vacuum.






I woke up.