This one extended dream began as I was exiting a junior high school. There were two bullies from the past (age 12) outside and several other children waiting for the school bus. I was trying to get to my VW beetle which was parked outside in an alleyway, but I got sidetracked and ended up in a snowfight with some kids. A recess monitor from my past was around but was not watching the back part of the yard where I had arrived. At that point, the bullies would end up pelting snowballs at everyone and I wanted to protect the smaller kids and Sarah who were getting hit. By doing so, I ended up by the school's entrance upon where I first began. One of the smaller children had given me a wonderful gift. She had packed two snowballs, but added some sticks and ice so that it would give the bullies some pain. I offered these to the bullies as a peace offering but as always, they retaliated and tossed them back at me. I successfully defended against all of their throws, piece by piece. I arrived at my car and then realized I had brought the two vehicles, my VW beetle and also a campus cruiser bus. I just inherited a bus and today would've been the first time driving it. I tried starting up the bus and the car as well so I could get both home today, and then called in someone to help teach me to drive the bus. At that point, I saw that the bullies (Joe and Dan) watched me get into the bus. I quickly closed and locked the bus and got into my beetle and left as fast I could.

Later that day when I went back, I saw Joe inside of the bus with a maniacal smile and Dan was waiting outside so I ended up going back home. I apparently called the cops and then they went back the next day ambushed the bullies and then took them away. The officers needed to tow away the bus as evidence so they hitched it on my beetle. But since the small car doesn't have great towing power, they ended up putting the beetle up on top and drove around the bus. Since the bus was hard to maneuver, they ended up crashing it around a bit on the bus back and front. In the streets, every single car was trying to swerve away from the reckless bus and eventually it created a fatal accident for itself.

I was glad I was not killed but I was afraid to be home alone and thought the bullies were coming to get me. I hid in the kitchen and tried to defend myself. Eventually my sister and her husband came back home as I was sweating profusely in the dark rooms almost naked. I quickly changed into proper clothing as I retold the tale many many times about how lucky I was to not be in the bus or the beetle. My bullies and the cops both died in the accident. During telling the tale, I happened to have put in the movie The Sixth Sense, but instead it happened to be a different movie. Both my brother in law and I were watching a movie with Keanu Reeves and appeared to look like Constantine. The weird part was that I had parallel feelings of the movie. Whatever happened in the film I started to feel as well during the dream, at least regarding the intense emotional feelings but not the physical pain. Keanu gets captured by the devil and in one scene, the devil is poking Keanu in the back with it. Just kept on poking for no reason at all. Eventually Keanu breaks free but there are dead souls that are trying to get at him in the room through the lattice-like prison bars. He broke through, but in the movie it began to flash back and forth very quickly between Keanu and a man in a Deadwood-like tavern to explain how some past creepy incident in the house was exactly what Keanu was experiencing. Then he landed on all the demon souls and they tried grabbing at him as well.

I stopped watching the movie. I talked with my sister about the whole bus accident. We were talking about insurance and how I thought that the police department would have to pay for my vehicles so I wasn't too worried. Then I tried to cut my left foot between the big toe and second toe to show how people get critically injured. I was just hoping that the two bullies had truly died because I didn't want to see them again.

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