The first one started out with a meeting, maybe a press conference, inside the downtown stadium. There were windows from our view that looked out over the field, with the city just visible over and in between the trusses and lights along the rim.

At some point, there was a huge explosion that brightened all of our vision for a second, and then the shockwave rushed out from this epicenter somewhere right beyond the stadium wall and the beginning of the city. I knew that we were all dead already in my head, because I knew that the blue glow meant that particles moving faster than the local speed of light were also full of deadly electromagnetic radiation that will soak into my body. We were probably close enough to the explosion that we were suffering internal burns from the large and small radioactive particles.

The floor slid precariously and some debris crashed through the window. Most of the lights went out instantly, and everyone that could move ran for the door and down the stairs. I was with them.

Somehow when I skipped ahead in this consciousness, I was from another view hearing on the TV about how there was an explosion in downtown Cleveland, killing a large percentage of the population. We got up and left the apartment, and there was very strange glow to the sky. I knew for some reason that we were walking downtown, and that everyone in the city that was left was walking down there.

Out on the road somehow I could feel so tuned in to this consciousness that I realized what was going on. I looked around me and saw the procession of thousands of the people who were my neighbors, all moving to where the explsion had taken place. I started to cry as I looked up. My girlfriend was there, and she was not crying. I had tears on my cheeks as I said to her, "This is two thousand and five."

A few days later, I had managed to start laughing at the concepts involved in that dream and try to slough it off because it was too fucked up and freaky for me to think about, although I did somehow feel better and embarassingly inwardly exhilarated when I explained it to my girlfriend awake and how she was freaked out too.

I am sitting in a restaurant, with a table with mostly my family members. This one man I believe we are trying to take out, but I do not know him and I can't get a good look at him. I am more interested in looking out the window, however. There are huge waves on lake Erie, and I know that I have never seen waves like I am seeing. I've been out there when there are 10-12 foot waves while we were walleye fishing (and boy did I puke), but these waves right here by the shore were easily 20-25 footers. The sky was a very dark purple and grey thunder cells, and it was very windy out over the water.

Somewhere in the back of my head I knew that there was a problem with the waves, almost like when you can just tell that a vase is going to fall over if slightly tipped. There were other people worriedly beginning to talk about the waves, and I began to see a few of them somehow combine into this one huge wave with a peak so far up in my vision it wamade the horizon almost completely orthogonal to its correct place. I grabbed Heather sitting next to me, and began running across the room towards the exit while looking back at the wave. Everyone in that area had begun to run away also, except for some reason the man that I did not know. The wave broke against the building, and you could feel it shudder under your feet. Somehow the wave broke just right on the window to make the glass explode inward. The glass was propelled so mightiliy into the man's face at our table that he was knocked back, instantly dead, with large knives of the quartz stuck in the floor and vibrating like a tuning fork. Water swirled into the room as we tried to pile out the door.


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