I guess I have started sleepwalking again - it's been about six months since the previous instance. Even worse, this entry should be half-way between a daylog and a dreamlog: I effectively had a lucid dream in reverse. I had a nightmarish/phobia sort of dream, running away from some lethal, vaguely scorpionish animal in my room and/or my bed. I have woken up several times and returned into the same place in the dream after falling asleep again - like resuming a paused movie - to continue the pursuit. At one point, I dreamt about getting up from my bed and running to the door of my flat - and it was there that I woke up, realizing I am at the door in my pyjamas at 6 AM. That scared me even more than the dream itself: I though I was dreaming, but wasn't really.

After returning to bed and falling asleep, I went into a sort of aural dream - I can't remember anything but the music of it, constantly changing, especially when I was trying to listen to the melody.

The moral of the story: That's what you get when high on tea and noding until the small hours.

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