Perhaps my greatest fear was brought to me in dream form last night.... proving I'm not an idiot (well, that and tests I haven't prepared for). I was back in high school to go back and do a test that either hadn't been done yet or that I had to catch up with. I hadn't studied of course, that's not my style, even though I was 5 years out of high school.

It was in Mr. Brigden's class (he taught me Grade 8 math) and it was a provincial exam of some sort for Physics. The rest of the class were my fellow classmates even though I didn't recognize them or speak to them. We started doing the test and I was petrified. There were all sorts of weird questions like "when you first compile and ctypes.met togeather, what is the sex of the bot?" and questions about Visual C++ 5.5. Stuff I just had no clue about. I went to the front of the class to ask the teacher about it and he kinda laughed and said I was looking at the wrong side of the test. Lo and behold the reverse of the test booklet had a test for a different ]subject], this one something I was more (but not much more) familiar with with. I don't remember the exact subject that the "better" test was on, but I know it didn't make me feel any better about anything when I woke up a few seconds later. This is one day when I don't mind the alarm clock.

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