Living with a roommate with a very different schedule than mine, one aspect I found interesting was the confusion (or sheer idiocy) of people just waking from sleep. Each morning, one of our alarm clocks will go off earlier than the other one. Despite the fact that my roommate's alarm is set on buzzer and mine is set on radio, we still have many difficulties. When his alarm goes off, I find myself smacking the hell out of my own alarm clock, silently cursing the fact that it won't leave me alone. The same thing will happen when my alarm goes off, when I see my roommate fiddling blindly with his own alarm clock.

And the chaos that entails the ringing of the phone! One day, the phone started ringing, startling us both into semi-consciousness. Not realizing what's happening, we both expended what energy we had at demolishing our alarm clocks, while the person on the line patiently wondered why there was no answer. After realizing through the pain in our hands that the alarm clocks were not the culprits and that the phone was, I reached for the phone. I happen to have a lamp on my desk near the phone, so that went flying as I reached for the phone. Of course, it was a wrong number.

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